5 Great Accessories to Prepare Your Ride for Fall

Fall is rapidly approaching, and while we bet you have bought yourself some warm clothes for the cooler weather, you shouldn’t forget your loved one in the garage! Here is a list of driving-related items that will get you and your car set for the cold seasons, no matter where you live.

1. Heavy Duty Floor Mats

Preserve your interior by protecting the carpet with good floor mats. Get a rubber set that absorbs dirt, snow and water. We highly recommend Weathertech mats, which are top quality and made right here in the USA. They last a lifetime, and so will your factory interior.

2. A BMW Beanie

We had to include at least one cool lifestyle item on this list! Keep yourself warm with a BMW beanie. Store it in your car for that moment when an unexpected shower or early snow starts falling, or wear it when it is just plain cold out! We like this one, which is available on Amazon for a great price.

3. Winter Tires

It might be the last thing you think of for performance, but all the horsepower in the world is no good if you can’t convert it to grip. Another important thing to remember is that traction control cannot defy the laws of physics. Seasonal tires are an excellent purchase no matter where you live. Tire manufacturers offer rain tires, snow tires and other seasonal selections so you can find a tire that will be relevant to your local climate. In addition, this should also be viewed as safety enhancement- sticky tires are downright dangerous when driving in wet conditions where they cannot grip. A side benefit: if you’ve been wanting a nice set of rims this is an excellent excuse to buy those as well!

4. Battery Tender

For folks who are going to garage their beloved ride over a cold winter, a battery tender is a must to keep the electrical systems charged, the battery full and healthy, and your car in ready-to-drive condition. You don’t store your car in the winter? The battery tender is still relevant – it keeps your battery in tip-top shape year round. Our preference is the “Battery Tender Plus”, which is available here on Amazon.com.

5. A Waxing and Detailing

Winter weather can be really hard on your car’s exterior, and building up a strong layer of wax before the rain and snow falls can significantly improve the lifespan of your paint job. Take the time to work a few coats of wax onto the car – one weekend at a time. If you live in an area where roads are salted during winter, try to have the undercarriage cleaned, and apply undercoating to any areas that could use reinforcement. None of this is flashy, but it ensures your car will look that way!

5 Auto-Themed Gifts Mom will Love this Mother’s Day

Moms always get the same old things for Mother’s Day — cards, chocolates, dinner, flowers — so let’s step away from the ordinary! Consider giving your mom something she might not even know she wants until she has it. We’re talking about gifts that will make her car feel cozy and add a little luxury to her ride. Here are a few auto-themed gifts perfect for mom:

1. Car Pamper Package

Cars need to look good inside and out. A luxury wash and wax can give a car an instant face-lift, but don’t stop there — you know mom will love new premium windshield wipers, plush steering wheel wrap, new floor mats, and maybe a custom car cover. It’s her big day, make it special!

BMW Luxury Car Wash

2. BMW Driving Gloves

Not only will mom look like a million bucks with leather driving gloves, she’ll be warm. Most of us don’t need gloves in May, but come winter she’ll be thanking you!

BMW Leather Driving Gloves

3. Smartphone Holder

Lots of reasons why mom might want her smartphone handy — to listen to music, to chat with friends on speakerphone (both hands on the wheel!), to look up relaxing drives via BMW’s The Ultimate Drive smartphone app… — so, why not make it easier on her with a smartphone holder? Vent mounted holders work for any car, and instead of harmful adhesive they can clip right to her dashboard vents.

Now, if mom is a BMW driver like yourself, you can get her a snap-in adapter that charges her phone and connects with a roof-mounted telephone antenna for improved reception. Talk about fancy!

BMW Smart Phone Adapter

4. BMW Bluetooth

Moms are skilled multi-taskers. Let her relax and stay safe while driving with a hands-free Bluetooth speaker set. We’re not responsible if she starts calling you even more once she gets hands-free freedom!

BMW Hands-Free Bluetooth

5. Gas Gift Card

The pump is pricey these days, so if you prefer to keep it simple, get her a gas gift card. It will give mom a little extra room for buying something fun for herself.

So there you have it — something different for mom this year. Get her one, two or all of these! She won’t complain, we promise. The only thing you’ll hear is “let’s go for a ride!” and no… she won’t let you drive.

Which of these gift ideas do you think mom will dig the most? Cast your vote in the poll below or tell us on Facebook, and remember to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day from The Ultimate Drive app team!