The Ultimate Drive App Version 3 Launches with Exclusive Features for BMW Financial Services Customers

In celebration of the new BMW 3 Series, we’ve launched The Ultimate Drive app version 3 for iPhone and Android today. Not only does The Ultimate Drive app lead you to the greatest roads around the world but it can now also lead you to a BMW Center anywhere in the U.S. for a test drive of the impressive, all-new 2012 BMW 3 Series. As a special reward from BMW Financial Services NA, all current BMW Financial Services customers who schedule a test drive through the app get a $300 credit towards their first lease or loan payment on a new 2012 3 Series (U.S. customers only).

Here’s how the new test drive feature works:

Step 1: Smartphone owners download or upgrade to the new version of The Ultimate Drive app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android.

Step 2: Schedule a test drive by email or phone, from within the app. If you’re a BMW Financial Services customer, log into your account. The app first suggests your current BMW Center, if available, but you can select others from a map.

Step 3: After the test confirm which BMW Center you visited.

If you’re an existing BMW Financial Services customer in the U.S., the app will unlock a unique $300 “Mobile Voucher” that you can redeem upon financing a 2012 BMW 3 Series, good through June 30, 2012.

Here’s what the head of online business for BMW Financial Services, Pawan Murthy, had to say about the latest app release:

“What is exciting is the immediacy of it all. You don’t need to wait for a printed coupon to be mailed to you nor do you have to call a toll-free number. We want to reward our customers for their loyalty through the one tool that is always with them: their phone.”

The Ultimate Drive app was jointly developed by BMW Financial Services and San Francisco based firm, SocialNav, Inc. Have you tried it yet?  Comment to let us know what you think!

Trade great drives with your friends – that’s why we’re here.

“TOM! Why didn’t you tell me about that road earlier?”

Mines RoadWe had just walked into The Junction, a great little dive bar at the bottom end of a twisty, 25-mile, drool-inducing, California road.  It was lunchtime on a weekend, so the parking lot was filled with shiny sports cars, motorcycles, bicycles, vintage cars, and even several pickup trucks with deer hunting trophies in the beds. Despite our having known each other for ten years, Tom hadn’t ever mentioned this route until we were deciding where to go that morning.  It wasn’t particularly hidden, nor was it very far from home.  And he wasn’t trying to keep it to himself either – it just hadn’t entered his mind to tell me about it.

At the same time, back at work, a group of colleagues and I had a stack of mobile software ideas on the table in front of us for what would soon become The Ultimate Drive app. I’ve been part of creating software – mobile phone, web, PC/Mac, etc. – my entire career, and what motivates me most are products that bring people together in the course of what they do in their individual lives, creating entertainment, fan and interest-group communities around sports, games, hobbies, travel, finance and everything else in which people participate.

So, the concept of making mobile apps that help facilitate groups of friends or travelers in trading roads was a natural fit for SocialNav, and that’s why we put our heads together and built a series of iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android apps, including The Ultimate Drive. Offering something specific to BMW drivers and fans made a world of sense considering how tightly the marque is associated with the pleasure of driving and how enthusiastic BMW owners are about their cars and the driving experience.  We hope you find this a valuable, easy-to-use resource for places to hit the road, whether for a weekend morning or a long trek, and depend on it to share great spots amongst your friends (including Tom).

– Daniel Pifko, CEO of SocialNav, Inc., developers of The Ultimate Drive app for BMW Financial Services