Last Minute Gifts for the BMW Lover

It is that time of year again! Is there a BMW lover on your shopping list? Well instead of going for a generic BMW polo, or the same keychain as last year in a different color, have a look at our gift guide and get your loved one something a bit more unique, with picks for different budgets:

Driving a Local Racetrack: For those who haven’t yet driven a BMW on a racetrack, it is a thrill with no comparison. Many local racetracks host open track days, as do many local chapters of the BMW Car Club of America. To locate a track day near you, some excellent resources are the nearest raceway’s website (a good list of U.S. racetracks can be found here), or your local BMW club chapter. (Full list of BMW CCA Chapters available here)

BMW USB Charger: If you spend a lot of time in the car, this BMW USB Charger will be a very welcome addition. Plugging into the cigarette lighter, it converts the power to a standard USB 5 volts, and enables charging of everything from smartphones to iPads for about $23.

Tickets to a BMW Race Weekend: No more room in the house? Another excellent gift idea is tickets to a BMW race weekend! The 2013 American Le Mans Series has races all over the country, and there aren’t many things better than cheering on a factory BMW race car at a historic racing venue. Check out the American Le Mans schedule here to buy tickets and find the race nearest your loved one.

A Special BMW Memory – The Car You Had When We Met: Not all of us may have the history or finances to pull off a gift like this, but at the very least this is an inspired idea and wonderful story to read: The Surprise Gift

Whatever you may choose, have a safe and happy holiday season, and may the new year bring some great automotive adventures!

7 Auto-Themed Gifts Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

Last month, we had some unique auto-themed suggestions for mom. Now it’s dad’s turn! There are way too many cool gadgets and car accessories available on the market today to think traditional Father’s Day gifts will cut it this year. Yes, ties are making a comeback and a man can never have too much cologne, but we know what dad really wants this Father’s Day. These great handpicked gifts are sure to satisfy:

1. BMW M Key Ring

Simple. Attractive. Effective. This keychain looks sharp and will make dad think of you every time he hops in the car to drive somewhere. Dad doesn’t have an M car? No problem, Amazon offers over 30 styles and themes of keychain at a variety of prices.

2. BMW Performance Driving School

No matter what type of driving dad loves to do, there isn’t a more fun way to enjoy seat time and improve skills than the BMW Performance Driving School. The school offers two levels of performance driving courses, and motorcycle programs as well.  More information and registration is online at

3. BMW Car Club of America Annual Membership

The BMW CCA is the largest BMW enthusiast club in America, with chapters all over the country. Member activities include events, drives, social activities and more. A year membership includes a subscription to the excellent club magazine, Roundel, and countless other benefits on top of the local chapter activities. $48 at

4. Roadside Emergency Repair Kit

Does Dad carry jumper cables? Or a simple set of tools and tape?  Keep him out of trouble with an emergency roadside repair kit. New cars come with only the minimum of tools, and even a basic emergency repair kit will eliminate headaches should the unfortunate situation ever arise. Be sure to get one with jumper cables. Even better, it pays for itself once it saves you from the first potential tow. A variety of kits are available at

5. BMW Dual Purpose Umbrella

Every man should have an umbrella stored away in their car for those unexpected moments, but why give dad any old umbrella when you could give him a BMW umbrella with a built-in LED light? This is the Swiss Army knife of umbrellas and something your father will undoubtedly love. Guys and gadgets, they go together like peanut butter and jelly!

BMW Umbrella LED Flashlight


6. History of BMW Automobiles

This isn’t your boring old history book, this is the entire History of BMW Automobiles 1918 – 1932! Dad will love to learn how his favorite cars have evolved over the years and needless to say, the photos are pretty nice as well!

History of BMW Automobiles

7. BMW Cargo Straps

Dads love to haul things — any excuse to lock and load, they’re on it! Properly securing luggage and cargo is a necessity, so with these BMW tension straps you’re not only giving your dad a present he’ll use often, but you’re also giving the gift of safety. Baby racer sold separately.

BMW Tension Strap

No matter which present you choose, your dad will surely be proud of his new gift!

So which of these do you think your dad would like most? Cast your vote in the poll below or tell us on Facebook, and remember to wish your dad a Happy Father’s Day from BMW’s The Ultimate Drive app team!