Round-Up: Top Weekend Drives, August Edition

What’s better than a weekend drive? A weekend drive on the most fun, beautiful and scenic roads! To help you discover these hidden gems, each week we feature our favorite, user-submitted stretches on the BMW Ultimate Drive App Facebook page. Check out this month’s featured Weekend Drive Picks — there are some great Labor Day trip ideas here!

Southern California: Palomar Mountain to Lake Henshaw

If you’re in the San Diego area or planning a trip out to the West Coast, this route should be on your must-drive list! From Palomar Mountain to Lake Henshaw, this drive is packed with fantastic vistas. Just a short distance from the peak of Palomar Mountain a scenic overlook awaits, offering breathtaking views of the mountainside, and another overlook, nearer to Lake Henshaw, highlights the lush valleys and sparkling waters of the lake area. Beautiful!

Palomar Mountain to Lake Henshaw, California

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by DOMAPOI. Google Maps directions:

Northern California: Big Sur

This breath-taking 60 mile stretch along the coast of Big Sur in Northern California offers dramatic ocean views, glimpses of towering redwoods and some fun stretches of twisty roads to keep you on your toes!

Big Sur, Northern California

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by starshley. Google Maps directions:

Colorado: Coal Creek Canyon

Just southwest of Boulder, this drive is only a short distance from the big city, but takes you past the hustle and bustle and into the mountains of central Colorado. From Coal Creek Canyon to the town of Golden, this route has a fun mix of straight-aways and twisty turns, passing by several of Colorado’s state parks and offering up fantastic views of canyons, wooded areas and mountain ranges.

Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by Nelson5235. Google Maps directions:

North Carolina: Franklin to Highlands

In the mood for a quick road trip that’s not only fun but will also put your driving skills to the test? Then this short, but highly technical route in North Carolina — with 140+ twists in just under 20 miles — should get your heart racing! Plus, there are plenty of places along the way to stop and enjoy the scenery, including a gorgeous waterfall.

Franklin to Highlands, North Carolina

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by Jpwiii. Google Maps directions:

Are you taking a special roadtrip this Labor Day or do you have a favorite weekend drive you want to see featured? Submit it through The Ultimate Drive app or share it with us on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

10 Songs for Your Memorial Day Roadtrip!

Memorial Day is notorious for its weekend getaways. As the kickoff to summer, people everywhere hop in their cars and cruise to the coast (or nearest body of water!), family get-togethers and parties with friends to celebrate and have a good time.

With fun in the air and the sun shining, there are a few luxury roadtrip essentials that all seasoned travelers should have ready. Freshly washed BMW, check. Sunglasses, check. The Ultimate Drive app, check. Music player, check. But wait, what good is a music player without great jams?

Here are 10 tunes that are sure to make you feel both relaxed and glamorous as you cruise around this Memorial Day!

1 ) I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash
2 ) Luxurious — Gwen Stefani
3 ) 1,000 Miles Away — Jewell
4 ) Fields of Gold — Sting
5 ) Goldeneye — Tina Turner
6 ) The Long and Winding Road — The Beatles
7 ) America — Neil Diamond
8 ) Material Girl — Madonna
9 ) Silver and Gold — U2
10) Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes — Paul Simon

You’re singing along already, right? The holiday weekend is right around the corner so upload these tunes to your music player, warm up your vocal cords and let the good times roll! Have a happy and safe Memorial Day.

Did we miss your favorite road trip single? Share it with us on our Facebook page!


National “make up your own holiday” day is coming up! What are you celebrating?

Z4 Roadster

Our pick is "Open Road-Wind in My Hair-Shiny Car-New Car Smell-Good Tunes-Road Trip in My BMW" Day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if just for once you could create your own holiday? Start your own traditions. Celebrate the things you love. Do the things you want to do. Sounds amazing, right? Well, Monday is the day — March 26th is National “Make Up Your Own Holiday” day!

When we first discovered this amazing un-holiday of sorts, our minds naturally drifted to the little things that make us smile: the open road, the wind in our hair, clean, shiny BMWs, that new car smell, stumbling upon little restaurants tucked away on back roads, good tunes on the radio, road trips, freshly paved blacktop… and the list goes on and on. Because we couldn’t settle on just one little celebration (and after all it is our day to celebrate what we want, right?) on March 26th, we’ll be celebrating National “Open Road-Wind in My Hair-Shiny Car-New Car Smell-Good Tunes-Road Trip in My BMW Day”. It’s going to be epic.

Now that we have our plans figured out, we want to know: will you be joining us? We understand not everyone can take on this epic of a holiday celebration with ease, so we’ve broken it down for you. Take our poll and tell us which holiday would make you giddy like a rooster on Easter morning.