7 Activities to Entertain You on Your Summer Roadtrip

Summer roadtrips are fun, but everyone gets a little tired, grumpy and bored after sitting in the car for too long. So, what’s a classic remedy for car boredom? A roadtrip game! Car games are perfect for all ages and can be just as fun for a group of friends heading to the beach as they are for a family en route across state lines.

Here are a list of the top 7 roadtrip activities you’ll want to play this summer. Choose a few favorites, hit the open road and let the fun begin!

1. Find the Vehicle

Car enthusiasts love this game! Choose a car you want to find — it can be a rare model, make from a particular year, a type of car or anything else you find interesting. Players get points for each vehicle spotted. To up the stakes, add details to the car, like certain specific license plates or colors. The first person to find the car gets to choose the game’s next vehicle to find.

2. I Spy with My Little Eye

I Spy can get a little tricky in a cramped car, but it’s perfect for wasting away few minutes on a long roadtrip or when you’re stuck in traffic! One person in the car will choose an object around them, inside or outside the car (but no cheating by choosing an object you’ve already passed!), then they say: “I spy with my little eye, something…” The person then gives a clue about the object, stating either it’s color, the first letter of the name of the object or some other creative hint. The first to guess the object correctly is the next person to spy a new item.

3. The Banana Game

This one is simple — the first person who spots a passing yellow vehicle gets points! If you want to make it a little more competitive, vary the number of points awarded based on the size or make of the car, a yellow SUV might be worth two points and a yellow motorcycle might be worth one, for instance… or you can put a time limit on the game! Tally up your points once your time is up and the person with the highest score wins!Yellow BMW Motorcycle

Hint: Do you have a favorite color car? You can play this game with any color you want… think The Orange Game or The Granny Smith Apple Game! 

4. License Plates

This is a classic travel game and is best for long, cross-country trips. Play as a team or individually, just try to spot license plates from all 50 states before the end of your drive!

American License Plates

Hint: If you’ll be on the road for a while, you may want to grab a piece of paper and choose one of your passengers as score keeper! 

5. The Picnic Game

Test your fellow road-trippers’ memories with The Picnic Game. It’s easy (at the beginning) and fun! The first player starts the game by saying, “I went on a picnic and brought…” then names an object you’d bring on a picnic that starts with the letter A. The next player repeats what the person before them said, while adding another picnic item that starts with a B, and so on. For example, if player one says, “I went on a picnic and brought apricots,” player two would repeat, “I went on a picnic and brought apricots” and then might add “bread.” If you forget an item, you’re out, and the game continues until the player with the best memory wins.

Apples and Bread

Hint: You can play variations of Memory with grocery items, states, sports teams, animals, cars or any other category you like!

6. Fortunately-Unfortunately

Here’s how it works — one player could make the statement, “Unfortunately, there’s a massive swarm of bees following us.” A second player would counter with a positive statement like “Fortunately, I packed bee-proof suits just in case this happened.” Go around in a circle until everyone gets a turn, then reverse. Silly statements make this game fun for everyone, so go on, say something crazy and let the laughter begin!

7. Team Storytelling

Creativity is the name of the game in Team Storytelling. This is the perfect game for a family outing or a large group. One person starts the story by creating the opening line. It can be a simple “Once upon a time…” or something crazy like, “The fire was ablaze!” Each person in the car adds a line, and the story builds upon itself. A fun way to make storytelling more exciting is to make a rule that all of the lines rhyme, or, instead of going in a circle, call on people to come up with a line. Go on, get your creative juices flowing!

So, which are you going to play first? Find The Vehicle is our favorite… we always have our eye out for shiny new BMWs! Do you have a favorite roadtrip game we didn’t mention here? Please share your ideas with us right here in the comments or on the Ultimate Drive App Facebook page! We hope you all have safe and happy roadtrips this summer.

National “make up your own holiday” day is coming up! What are you celebrating?

Z4 Roadster

Our pick is "Open Road-Wind in My Hair-Shiny Car-New Car Smell-Good Tunes-Road Trip in My BMW" Day!

Wouldn’t it be nice if just for once you could create your own holiday? Start your own traditions. Celebrate the things you love. Do the things you want to do. Sounds amazing, right? Well, Monday is the day — March 26th is National “Make Up Your Own Holiday” day!

When we first discovered this amazing un-holiday of sorts, our minds naturally drifted to the little things that make us smile: the open road, the wind in our hair, clean, shiny BMWs, that new car smell, stumbling upon little restaurants tucked away on back roads, good tunes on the radio, road trips, freshly paved blacktop… and the list goes on and on. Because we couldn’t settle on just one little celebration (and after all it is our day to celebrate what we want, right?) on March 26th, we’ll be celebrating National “Open Road-Wind in My Hair-Shiny Car-New Car Smell-Good Tunes-Road Trip in My BMW Day”. It’s going to be epic.

Now that we have our plans figured out, we want to know: will you be joining us? We understand not everyone can take on this epic of a holiday celebration with ease, so we’ve broken it down for you. Take our poll and tell us which holiday would make you giddy like a rooster on Easter morning.