Round-Up: Top Weekend Drives, November Edition

Sharing and discovering the best routes across the US and Canada is what the Ultimate Drive app is all about, so each week we choose one of our favorite user-submitted stretches to highlight as a “Weekend Drive Pick” on the BMW Ultimate Drive App Facebook page. If you’re looking for a great drive to take this weekend, or want to plan a drive for the upcoming holidays, be sure to check out these roads — there could be an adventure right in your backyard. Here is a round-up of this month’s top picks!

Northern California — Princeton Crab Run

This Bay Area drive known as Princeton Crab Run takes us 20 miles south along the West Coast from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay. With both coastal and inland stretches, this drive offers a variety of sights including beaches, buildings, parks and forests. Although an always beautiful and fun route, this is an especially great trip during crab season, which just opened on November 15. If you plan on making the trip soon, set out on an empty stomach so you can buy fresh Dungeness crab right off the boats!

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by hoa. To view this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app click here: or get directions with Google Maps:

Arizona — Bartlett Dam Road

Just northeast of Phoenix, Bartlett Dam Road offers an escape from the hustle and bustle with beautiful views and wildlife spotting you definitely won’t get in the city! The 13-mile-drive to the lake and dam is technical and smooth, allowing experienced drivers and motorcyclists to take full advantage of the curves, hills and corners. Locals say traffic on the route is light in the mid-morning, but wildlife is most active in the evenings. If you can’t decide which you prefer best, we suggest making the drive twice!

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by AZrealtor. To view this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app click here: or get directions with Google Maps:

Colorado — Rist Canyon Road 

Northern Colorado is notorious for its natural beauty, and this drive through Roosevelt National Forest surely will not disappoint! A fun and lightly traveled stretch through the Colorado foothills, Rist Canyon Road winds through forests, ranch lands, hills and canyons. The road is very well maintained, but be prepared for ups and downs, and ins and outs of a backcountry access road. Whether you’re planning to cruise at dusk or dawn, a beautiful sunrise or sunset is guaranteed!

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by DoxJox. To view this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app click here: or get directions with Google Maps:

East Coast / Toronto, Canada — Terra Nova

Located near Toronto, Canada, and just a quick trip from Niagara Falls, New York, this rural route is a must-drive for anyone in the Great Lakes area. Known by driving enthusiasts as a destination stretch, Terra Nova has it all — tight turns, sweeping corners, very little traffic and beautiful foliage! Plus, with several lakes and ponds lining this country road, there are plenty of scenic stop-offs if your foot gets tired making the trip!

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by M3-Mike. To view this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app click here: or get directions with Google Maps:

Do you have a favorite weekend drive you want to see featured? If you’re in the US or Canada, submit it through the all new Ultimate Drive Facebook app. Otherwise, share it with us on FacebookTwitter or through The Ultimate Drive mobile app you already know and love. We can’t wait to see your best roads!

Round-Up: Top Weekend Drives, October Edition

[Editor’s note: Seeing the devastation of Sandy in the U.S. Northeast this week, we realize that taking a scenic drive may be the last thing on your minds.  Once the tunnels empty, the roads drain, the trees are cleared, the businesses re-open, and life begins to return to normal, we hope you are able to get out and drive, both to refresh your senses and to bring tourist dollars into areas that could use a hand to recover.]

Each week, the BMW Ultimate Drive App Facebook page features our favorite user-submitted stretches, which we like to call “Weekend Drive Picks” — and this month’s routes highlight some of the twistiest, most scenic roads from across the U.S! Check out the October Weekend Drive round-up to get ideas for your next weekend getaway. There’s something for everyone here!

Nevada – Mt. Charleston

This Weekend Drive Pick takes us North West of the Vegas Strip to Mt. Charleston. You’ll want to squeeze this drive in before the snow hits, so pack up the car now and bring a jacket — it can get cold at the top! If you’re not in a hurry, be sure to stop into the Mt. Charleston Lodge, a favorite local eatery, for a tasty treat.

Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas - October

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by Richie. To view this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app click here: or get directions with Google Maps:

North Carolina – Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville

Nicknamed “America’s Favorite Drive,” this 89-mile-stretch along the Blue Ridge Parkway (which in its entirety spans almost 500 miles!) provides breathtaking scenery and miles of solitude.  It’s a must-see and a Weekend Drive Pick you’ll never forget!

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by Ghost. View this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app: or get directions with Google Maps:

Pennsylvania – Franklin Road

This Weekend Drive Pick features a short country road on the outskirts of Pittsburgh where real driving enthusiasts go to experience fun, twisty “S” curves and view beautiful farmland! With typically very little traffic on this stretch you’ll be able to roll down the windows, put the pedal to the metal (while still obeying the speed limit, of course!) and let the crisp fall air awaken your senses.

Franklin Rd, Pittsburgh - October

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by Jmikesdude. View this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app: or get directions with Google Maps:

Bay Area – Highway 9

From Boulder Creek to Saratoga, this Weekend Drive Pick cruises along Highway 9 in the Bay Area. There are viewing spots of Castle Rock State Park plus lots of twists and turns to keep you on your toes, just be careful around those “S” curves!

Highway 9, Bay Area - October

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App bbimmer shark. To view this route in the new Ultimate Drive Facebook app: or get directions with Google Maps:

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Round-Up: Top Weekend Drives, August Edition

What’s better than a weekend drive? A weekend drive on the most fun, beautiful and scenic roads! To help you discover these hidden gems, each week we feature our favorite, user-submitted stretches on the BMW Ultimate Drive App Facebook page. Check out this month’s featured Weekend Drive Picks — there are some great Labor Day trip ideas here!

Southern California: Palomar Mountain to Lake Henshaw

If you’re in the San Diego area or planning a trip out to the West Coast, this route should be on your must-drive list! From Palomar Mountain to Lake Henshaw, this drive is packed with fantastic vistas. Just a short distance from the peak of Palomar Mountain a scenic overlook awaits, offering breathtaking views of the mountainside, and another overlook, nearer to Lake Henshaw, highlights the lush valleys and sparkling waters of the lake area. Beautiful!

Palomar Mountain to Lake Henshaw, California

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by DOMAPOI. Google Maps directions:

Northern California: Big Sur

This breath-taking 60 mile stretch along the coast of Big Sur in Northern California offers dramatic ocean views, glimpses of towering redwoods and some fun stretches of twisty roads to keep you on your toes!

Big Sur, Northern California

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by starshley. Google Maps directions:

Colorado: Coal Creek Canyon

Just southwest of Boulder, this drive is only a short distance from the big city, but takes you past the hustle and bustle and into the mountains of central Colorado. From Coal Creek Canyon to the town of Golden, this route has a fun mix of straight-aways and twisty turns, passing by several of Colorado’s state parks and offering up fantastic views of canyons, wooded areas and mountain ranges.

Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by Nelson5235. Google Maps directions:

North Carolina: Franklin to Highlands

In the mood for a quick road trip that’s not only fun but will also put your driving skills to the test? Then this short, but highly technical route in North Carolina — with 140+ twists in just under 20 miles — should get your heart racing! Plus, there are plenty of places along the way to stop and enjoy the scenery, including a gorgeous waterfall.

Franklin to Highlands, North Carolina

Submitted to The Ultimate Drive App by Jpwiii. Google Maps directions:

Are you taking a special roadtrip this Labor Day or do you have a favorite weekend drive you want to see featured? Submit it through The Ultimate Drive app or share it with us on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Reasons to Take European Delivery of Your New BMW – Part 1: BMW World

 Part 1: BMW World/BMW Welt

For those of you who have ever dreamed of a European driving adventure in your own car, there is no excuse not to make that dream a reality! It is a once in a lifetime experience, and BMW has one of the best factory delivery programs in the business. We recently paid a visit to BMW Welt (“BMW World” in English), and this is the first in a three part series of the amazing things you can do while taking European delivery. We will cover BMW Welt, the BMW Museum and Factory, and a Driving Adventure in Europe with your new car.

So, you’ve ordered your new BMW (at an automatic discount off MSRP through the program), and have patiently waited for the day it will be ready. You booked a discounted flight through the European delivery program and arrive in Germany. When taking delivery of your new BMW, your first destination will be BMW Welt in Munich. This is BMW’s world headquarters, and looks every bit the part.

Once inside, you will be greeted by one of the coolest showroom-meets-enthusiast-meccas you will ever see. It encompasses everything BMW: cars, motorcycles, and even a bit of Rolls Royce, which BMW has owned since 1999. Words don’t do BMW Welt justice, so we will let you take a tour via some photos:

The building is incredible, and will take good few hours of wandering before you remember the task at hand- meeting your new car! You check in at the desk and you are then whisked away for a tour of the factory and the BMW Museum before picking up your new ride… which we’ll tell you more about in Part 2! Check back as the story continues.

7 Places We’d Love to Go for a Drive This Earth Day

Imagine yourself cruising with the top down along the beautiful French Riviera…. or hugging the tight curves of back Rocky Mountain roads…. sounds thrilling, right?  The earth is a beautiful place. There is so much exploring to be done! In celebration of Earth Day, which is this Sunday, we’ve come up with a few dream destinations where we’d love to go for a leisurely drive. From ocean views to snowy mountain tops, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Take a peek at our top picks:

1- French Riviera

Can you feel the sun now? You have the top down and a light breeze blowing as you cruise along the Mediterranean coast with views of quaint harbor fishing villages full of pleasure yachts and crowded summertime beaches. You can’t help but think, “Thank you mother nature!”

Earth Day Drive: French Riviera

2- Canadian Rockies

Even on the coldest of days, this destination is beautiful. Pristine, pure and white — there aren’t many places like this left. It may be chilly outside, but you’re nice and toasty thanks to your luxurious heated seats. The only thing that could make this better is a to-go cup of hot cocoa complete with mini marshmallows… or a moose sighting!

Earth Day Drive: Canadian Rockies

3- Hawaiian Islands

Paradise. Close your eyes and feel the soft tropical breeze as you glide down the island twisties… try hard enough and you might even get a whiff of coconut!

Earth Day Drive: Hawaiian Islands

4- Costa Rica

Ah, the “Rich Coast” — so exotic and lovely (and with a track record of promoting ecology and peace!) After a late afternoon drive along the winding coastline we might suggest you pull over to catch the vibrant sky as the sun goes down in this tropical delight.

5. Transylvania, Romania

If the world-famous Transfagarasan Rd. (also known as Ceaucesu’s Folly) isn’t the ultimate drive, we don’t know what is! With its dramatic scenery and winding roads that pass through the beautiful Fagaras Mountains, it’s no wonder this Transylvania destination was voted “favorite Earth Day drive” by our Facebook community. Our Facebook/Twitter buddy, @DavidKoorn, who submitted this entry, must really know his way around the globe!

Transfagarasan Road, Fagaras Mountains

6- Alaska

The last frontier! Pack up the fishing rods, parkas and camping supplies, you’re going on an adventure of a lifetime! It’s rugged terrain, but what well-equipped driver wouldn’t like the challenge? And watch out for those polar bears!

Earth Day Drive: Alaska

7- Iceland

Shaped by the forces of nature, our last stop is a dynamic landscape of active volcanoes, black sand beaches, green valleys, and powerful rapids. Only in Iceland can you drive through craters of volcanic rock one minute and cruise past gushing geysers the next!

Earth Day Drive: Iceland

All this talk of adventure has given us the travel itch. Our planet is an incredible place — no wonder we love to take the scenic route! What’s your dreamy Earth Day drive?  Tell us on Facebook!

And if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in any of these (or other) dreamy places, pick up the FREE BMW Ultimate Drive app! With this app, you’ll have access a collection of the best pleasure driving roads around the world, all submitted by locals.

Have a wonderful Earth Day!